Sunday, July 16, 2006

Random Facts

  • Lori and I have spent more married years in Spain than in the States.
  • The cafe has gone through well over 10,000 napkins since it opened just over two years ago.
  • Both of our daughters (soon to be all three daughters) were born in Santiago.
  • Santiago has around 100,000 inhabitants, 40,000 university students, between 1-3 million tourist annually and over 1,100 bars and cafes.
  • Most lunch breaks happen from 2-5pm and then everyone goes back to work/school until about 8pm.
  • In the summer in Santiago the sun does not set in the evening until close to 11pm.
  • If you are a tourist in Spain you can rent a car on your passport without any knowledge of Spanish.
  • If you live in Spain more than 6 months and want to drive your own car you have to go through Spanish drivers ed (both written and driving).
  • Quite often one hears fireworks in Spain in the middle of the day. Everyday (literally) is a Saint day and Saint day celebrations include fireworks.
  • Spain is a Constitutional Monarchy which means it has a king and a parliament.

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Chris said...


I miss you guys like crazy!

--having fun in Russia... but, I just wanted to tell you that I liked this post. :)