Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hugs and Tears

Today the house is quiet and the mood is sober as the girls sleep and I am left alone with my thoughts. We just had a week full of a lot of last things. We had a last meal, a last coffee, a last birthday party, etc.. with Scott, Shelley, Troy and Jen. We all knew that it was coming,but it seems like nothing can prepare you for the tearful tearing apart as a community is split up. I have mentioned before that the Striblings and Hellmanns were our friends, coworkers, pastors, counselors and family as we lived life together the past five years together in Spain. We have been there for one another as five of their six children were born during their time here. We have spent countless birthday parties together, and were there for each other during Passover meals, forth of July celebrations (just another day for Spaniards), Thanksgivings, Christmases and New Years parties. We have had countless conversations on everything from the mundane and ridiculous to the profound and very sensitive.

I was waiting for a friend the other day at my favorite place to get a Bocadillo (hot sandwich on homemade bread) in town. The waiter came up and asked me how I was doing and how the cafe was doing. I told him it was a pretty sad time as we were watching or very dear friends leave town. He said very matter of factly, "Well, that´s just part of life". He is right , but that does not make it easy.

I wonder how many people in life really get to know someone else as deeply as we have had the opportunity to know our teammates past and present. It definitely has not been something that I have experienced before. I praise God for it and say bring it on! Yeah, it is painful to love other people because it opens us up and makes us vulnerable, but it somehow makes us stronger.

As we gave final hugs to one another and blessed each others children it was impossible to hold back the tears and that horrible frog in the throat feeling that makes it impossible to talk. We said our farewells amidst promises to see each other soon in some unknown place and time in the future. Let it be so!

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